Hiking in the region

Step by step to recovery

See, smell and feel the nature

Let’s start right at the Rosenbusch. Varied routes await you!

On wonderfully romantic paths, along the Main from Großwallstadt to Bürgstadt,
leads the Franconian red wine hiking trail.

This is just one of the hiking trails that would like to be explored.

Our quality promise for hikers


  • offer a drying room for equipment and clothing
  • rent shoeshine kit from
  • have storage trays for your hiking boots ready
  • also accept hikers on short notice and for one night
  • are familiar with hiking and have employees who are informed about hiking offers and can provide individual information.
  • offer route suggestions for local walks and tour advice with additional information material
  • provide you with information on local and regional attractions
  • offer you a reservation service for the next accommodation and night
  • organize a pick-up and drop-off service for hiking trails
  • transport your luggage to the nearest accommodation
  • packed lunches are available at any time under reservation

Short story „Wanderlust“

At this point we would like to inspire you with a short story of our dear, imaginary Mr. Willibald Jäger. He describes the impressions of his stay with us. Naturally, I mean with a wink.

Have fun reading!

„Oh, I slept well. It was a heavenly silence tonight. Now I’m looking forward to a balanced breakfast. I hope there’s something tasty and a nice hot coffee. The young hosts are in good hands. I have to say. The lady who showed me our room yesterday was also very helpful and nice. I wonder if they’re all like that around here. The half board menu last night was amazingly full. It tasted really delicious and was a good start to our holiday. It can go on like this! As a travel organizer planning for multiple people is always tricky. You want to please everyone. Everyone should be satisfied. It’s a good thing that I had already made a short test visit at the Rosenbusch. Better play it safe.

Great choice at the breakfast buffet. We are now strengthened. Let’s get started. Our group is getting ready for the hike. The hiking shoes are tied. We discussed the route. Check the backpacks again. Do I have everything? Something to drink, food, handkerchiefs. Yeah, all there.

I didn’t know it was so beautiful here on the Lower Main. As we arrived yesterday, the first view went before Großheubach from the Main bridge towards Bergspitze. An old building was visible high up there. That must be Engelberg Monastery. That’s what it looked like in the prospectus sent to me by the hotel. It was in very good condition and well maintained. You could see it from a distance. It was surrounded by vineyards and small vineyard huts in the valley. To the right towards Miltenberg we continued with the vines. To the left of it began the little village Großheubach, where we had booked a holiday for the next few days. The Main extended between us in both directions. Trees, shrubs, plants, everything was lush green. In front of us the mountain range Spessart, in the back the Odenwald. Wonderful! There it itched to explore the area directly in the feet.

Frankly, my legs are still a little heavy. As we parked our car in the courtyard of the hotel yesterday afternoon, we walked to this monastery. What does migration mean? We climbed 612 steps. It even felt like there were a few more. Upstairs we were rewarded with a cool, dark beer in the tavern with a fantastic view of the valley.

But it doesn’t help to complain, here we go. Everybody’s ready. The feet will warm up again. Today’s tour starts again at the steps of the monastery. However, we then immediately walk right into the vineyards towards Miltenberg. Wow, what a vision! Take a picture, quick. The air is warm, it smells of freshly cut grass and slightly sweetish must. Is it grape harvest time yet?“

…. soon it will go on