With heart and soul

Can you survive in the gastronomy without being passionate about it?
We don’t think so! Our actions are not a marketing concept. It comes from the heart. We are hosts by conviction. With much joy, professionalism and attention we care for our guests all year round.

We don’t have a five-star hotel. It’s not that big. But we stand behind what we do and who we are. Small and fine the house. Great our heart and full of loving devotion our doing.

Gastronomy is exciting, no day is the same.

Time flies fast. Funny moments, emotional moments, enthusiastic guests. In what profession do you get so much feedback? Direct and blunt. You always have the chance to improve and learn. People of every nation, every age, cross our lives and enrich them. The saying „come as a guest and go as a friend“ may sound a bit trite, but we don’t care. It applies.

We took over the business relatively inexperienced, even apprenticeship money – as we call it in our village – has to pay here and there. We do not want to miss any of the last ten years. They have made us what we are today and have had a decisive influence on our life and work. Maybe made us better people, too.

So what is our philosophy? Very simple. We love our work, we are fans of our employees and want to improve our rose bush constantly. It should feel like home again and again over the years, especially for our guests. Because what is a good home? A place that feels warm, where you can feel the love and where you are not strangers.

And now we’ll tell you something else. Even if our employees or ourselves are sometimes tired and exhausted. The guest is king with us and always gets the best service! Your praise is our motivation. Every single one of us lives gastronomy.