Food and drinks

Rosenbusch´s local cuisine

Honest food without hocus-pocus

Fine dishes of venison, delicacies from the stew pot.
Our menu is rightly reminiscent of grandma’s kitchen.
Many recipes originate from this time.
The traditional beef roulade is one of the dishes from the family cookbook.

How do you cook a tender roasted game that convinces even the most critical guest?
We know it’s true. Try us out.

But our kitchen can also be light and creative.
Seasonally we surprise our guests with asparagus, wild garlic, pumpkin, chanterelles and so on.

Point fried steaks? No problem.

Have you tried our vegan or vegetarian creations?
Here you will find quinoa, lentils, green kernels and many other meatless alternatives in completely new combinations.

We cook without flavour enhancers. All sauces are cooked according to the traditional recipe.
Wine, celery, onions, tomato paste and many other ingredients refine them naturally. Supplements such as dumplings, spaetzle, croquettes are of course homemade.