Are the merry-go-round of life...

...because without them nothing moves!

We would like to say briefly that the parents always apologize to us,
that their kids are probably just a little too noisy or have put a stain on the tablecloth.

What is our answer to that? „No problem, it is allowed to go louder here!
We’ve got a good stain remover, so you can spill it.“

Why? Because we understand! We ourselves are parents of young children and know how a restaurant visit with a child can take place. It can get louder and maybe a glass will fall over. Psst… is sometimes no different with the big guests!

Don’t worry, you and your offspring are in good hands with us.
We provide you with the best service during these hours.
Provide toys and painting supplies. For the little ones, we will be happy to warm up the bottle or the baby porridge brought along. Two children’s chairs and a changing table are available.
There are straws for the drinks, a children’s menu and small portions of the normal menu.

So don’t worry and look forward to your next visit in the Rosenbusch!

Menu for the children

Beef stock,
with baked peas
3 €

Salami bread,
Farmer’s bread with butter and salami slices,
garnish with pickled gherkins
4 €

Small portion of cooked cheese,
with onions, butter and bread
6 €

Cheese ham sandwich,
two toast with cheese and ham,
Mayo, salad, cucumber and tomato slice
5 €

French fries red/white
4 €

Baked camembert,
with butter, bread and cranberries
7 €

Two pork loin,
with dark sauce, rice and peas
8 €

Breaded pork escalope for children,
with chips and ketchup
8 €