Teamplayer wanted

Permanent employees in the service/reception area
in full/part-time and part-time with indefinite contract

Are you born for gastronomy?
Do you have a real smile to give away?
Do you like to organise and keep track of things even in stressful situations?
Then you are exactly right in our team.

We offer you:

Performance-related pay
Sufficient days of vacation to recover you
Nice colleagues and bosses who are always willing to listen.
diversified work
permanent employment
Flexible working hours
If you are interested, please call 09371/650400 or send a short application to

We look forward to seeing you!

Trainee hotel management assistant

We start into a new adventure. Which is called „WE TRAIN OUT“.

We have received the official OKAY these days from the IHK.

We do not want to place a classic job advertisement.
We hereby apply for our trainee.

Why do we want to train you?
We think that we can bring young people closer to the fun of this profession.
It not only includes stupid „carrying away the plates“, but is also a demanding profession for clever minds. The guest loves to be exemplified by intelligent people. Inspire him!

You don’t know how to inspire other people? We will teach you the necessary tools. You already have the strongest of them. Your smile.

You’re just thinking „that sounds good, but you know the downsides of the job and that’s not for you“?

We would like to take some negative theses out of the sails:

thesis 1

„Whoever doesn’t, will be WIRT“
So at the latest after ten years in gastronomy we can assert ourselves:
Whoever is a host and thus earns his money, who has satisfied employees and guests, has already done quite a lot right. He definitely didn’t fall on his head. Otherwise this host would no longer exist or at least it would be on the descending branch.

thesis 2

„Work whenever others are free.“
Okay, they’re on duty for the weekends too. But a good employer takes the needs of its employees into account and does not take advantage of them. Variety is the magic word. For example, we have a wish list in which everyone can enter their preferred holiday days. In the evening, employees alternate with their final services and we are banned from taking vacations for a maximum of one month a year.

thesis 3

„No more Christmas and New Year’s Eve with the family.“
That’s good news. We are closed on Christmas Eve and only open on Christmas Day 1 and 2. And none of us work 24 hours these days; -) On New Year’s Eve we are closed and usually have a short company holiday.

thesis 4

„Just serving people, that’s not fulfilling.“
Oh, that can even be very fulfilling! I know what I’m talking about. I have learned a classic commercial job. How much I would have liked to have had more responsibility in the first few years of my apprenticeship or a chance to develop more. Storage, copying, postal service were my everyday life and the next lunch break sooo far away. Since I started working in gastronomy, I feel fulfilled at the end of the day. I get direct feedback from the guest. And believe me, satisfied guests don’t save on praise and tips and we don’t just „serve“ them anyway – we demand more from you.

Thesis 5

„The profession is not changeable. Maybe I’d like to continue on a different path after my apprenticeship?“?
Reinventing yourself – reinterpreting your profession? In hardly any other profession are these changes so simple and quick to carry out.
I can work in any country, city, continent.
I want to learn a new language? Let? s do it.
I don’t want to „just“ do the service anymore. In many larger hotels you can work with or without further education in other departments such as marketing, accounting, banquet or change. Event planning or organizational management would also be interesting possible areas. Perhaps a related industry such as tourism is also interesting after the apprenticeship?

Especially in our small hotel with restaurant we are not only chef, maid and maid. We are all all-rounders. Today we do this, tomorrow that. We reinvent ourselves every day. Learn every day and with every mistake we get better. We offer wine training courses, team meetings, etc. We need employees who think along with us and give us suggestions.

What can you expect from us:

our goal is to prepare you optimally for the exam. It’s not just close. But to constantly and regularly extend and test your knowledge,
we would like to strengthen you where your weaknesses are and expand your personal responsibility,
show you practical things that aren’t in a book,
Learn to keep a cool head in stressful situations,
would like to teach you how quick-wittedness and small talk work properly,
Build your confidence,
To make your career start as pleasant as possible in a family team that understands each other, has mutual understanding and in which trust plays an important role.

Our favourite trainee:

is reliable
don’t give up so easily,
let’s say something,
is curious,
has been waiting for this application and feels addressed.; -)
If you are interested, please send your application with cover letter and CV to, Attn. Nicole Stich.

We look forward to seeing you!